Intel Web site
Is your Intel Processor Compatible with it's Motherboard ?
Make your component selections and see at;

Canon Printers Web site
If you need the latest drivers for any Canon printers or just need to know the latest model printer available then have a look at...

Google Search Engine
At Google, you can search for the lastest information on endless topics.

White Pages Directory
Search the Australian White Pages Directory for your latest phone numbers and addresses.

Microsoft Web site
At the Microsoft Web Site you will find the lastest web browsers and other Microsoft software. There is also a questions and answers page which is very helpful for you if you are having trouble with certain Microsoft titles.

Winzip Web site
At the Winzip Web site you will find the latest compression software available. Winzip is a very popular compression program which is very easy to use.

Shareware - FREE Software
At the web site you will find the latest free shareware programs.

Two Cows Web site
The Two Cows web site is the latest internet shareware utilities.

Jumbo Shareware
To find some more of the latest shareware titles look at Jumbo Shareware.

Epson Printers Web site
The latest printer drivers and information on Epson Printers.

Hewlett Packard Web site
The latest printer drivers and information on Hewlett Packard Printers.